Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Low, Lattes, and Jaws

Saturday night was a cool event. Perfect late summer weather. The sun setting as Low played their set to 1000's of people on benches and blankets in the grass. Some of them were enjoying a finely crafted coffee beverage. A large number of those people were my girlfriends family and friends, thanks guys! Thanks Anna!:)
It turns out that for this series the band picks the movie. Alan (I'm going to use the band member's first names because I think I have been to enough shows and purchased enough cd's to have earned the right) told a real cute story about how in the 4th grade Mimi gave him a beta copy of the movie and said something like: "...everything you need to make it in this life is in this movie". He then went on later during a break in the set, as they were filling the inflatable screen with air, to quote as many lines from the movie as he could remember. His recall was impressive, but not as good as my Ghostbusters.
All in all the evening was very enjoyable. There was a magic elixir in the air consisting of outdoor movie dust, a sweet location, a good mix of hipster to genuine folks, the smell of the lake, fresh cut grass, Peace Coffee and perfectly steamed milk. We decided to cut out a little before the movie ended, people were asking if we had popcorn, not espresso. It is at this point most of you would think the story ends, but then you are probably not one of my three very dear friends who helped to get the truck home that night. (Dave, I hope there was no permanent damage to your foot.) That story is for another time, but please don't ask me to repeat it. Let's just say we were wired on caffeine, tired from a long day, and sweating from pushing a nameless mobile espresso cafe a further distance than we had planned on.
I can't wait to do it all again!

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