Thursday, August 20, 2009

inverter upgrade

The new inverter is installed, now we hope that it is enough to keep the fridge happy. We have taken this week to reflect on our first succeessful event, The Uptown Market. The event is gathering steam and support from the neighborhood, and we are learning our operations better. We are already on board to participate in next months event on September the 20th, 11-5pm. It is exciting to answer all the questions about our green spectacle of an espresso cart, and I love all the suggestions and encouragement! I am hoping to announce our next event very soon.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Working on the details to be at the Vita.MN music and movie series.

Upcoming Event!

On Sunday August 16th from 11am-5pm, we will be at the Uptown Market (Bryant and 29th) for our first official gig. Come down and grab a beverage, and then check out all the great local artists selling their goods. Our friend Dave will be there selling screen printed posters. dwitt.comLink
We just had a session with Gina from Espresso Partners. (Thanks Gina!) She has extensive knowledge of the coffee world, I have her phone number saved in my Blackberry under "coffee guru". She knows Peace Coffee beans intimately , and has helped us fine tune our product to get the most out of the Peace Coffee roasted beans.